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First of its kind!

First of its kind!

Getting your umbrella open before you get out of the car doesn't have to be awkward. 

Not with the Rbrella, at least.

The Rbrella is designed to make your commutes easier. With its double canopy and reverse-closing feature, the rbrella keeps you, your belongings, and the area around you dry.

The Rbrella also stands upright so that it can dry off before its next use:

Automatic-open Rbrella
Cane Rbrella 

Our automic-open Rbrella is the first of its kind. It has all the other features of our original model, but includes the automatic-open button.

Another first-of-its-kind, our cane Rbrella is multipurpose.

The handle can be unscrewed, allowing you acces to a full cane and a full Rbrella:

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